Wuderove Hair Accessories – An Elegant Sacramento-Based Brand

The right hair accessory is like jewelry for your tresses. To ensure you have the right ones on hand, you’re going to want to meet Alanna and her brand Wuderove. 

With functional pieces built to last, the Wuderove brand empowers women to own their personal style and with a graceful and classical aesthetic, provides the opportunity for an effortlessly put together look to, in fact, be effortless. 

You can find Wuderove accessories at Cuffs Boutique in Midtown Sacramento and at wuderove.com

Alanna’s background in the eyewear industry introduced her to cellulose acetate, a bio-plastic derived from wood pulp. Seeking a new creative outlet and wondering what other items could be fashioned from this biodegradable material, Wuderove’s line was dreamed up, designed and manufactured. 

The marriage of simple elegance and functionality sets Wuderove apart in a landscape dominated by fast-fashion accessory designers. Our commitment to quality challenges the norm of disposable fashion, urging consumers to make choices that align with a sustainable future.

Wuderove is an homage to the classic and charismatic style of Alanna’s grandmother. In the 1960s, widowed and navigating a world where women were denied financial autonomy, she turned her seamstress skills into a means of providing for her family and found a classic yet stunning aesthetic through her creations. 

The road to establishing Wuderove has not been without challenges. The fast-fashion industry perpetuates a cycle of low-quality plastic designs that harm the environment when discarded. Convincing consumers to invest in sustainable alternatives is difficult in the noisy world we live in. Alanna also balances entrepreneurship with a full-time job and raising two young children. Wuderove is built in the margins of everyday life, but the seemingly exhausting endeavor is fueled by passion, turning what may appear tiresome on paper into an exhilarating reality.

Alanna grew up in Sacramento’s suburbs and views Sacramento as a melting pot of people from different places and backgrounds – inspirational people with amazing stories.

She also loves our fantastic arts community, amazing restaurants, eclectic and inviting small businesses,  alongside her beloved Sacramento Kings.

All bringing a warm sense of community to our little city. 

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