Bambi Vegan Tacos in Midtown Sacramento


Plant Based Food You’ll Actually Love to Eat

Plant-based food has undergone a remarkable transformation in recent years, evolving from a niche dietary choice to a trendy culinary vibe filled with dishes that you’ll genuinely love to eat. Bambi’s menu foods are a testament to creativity and innovation in the kitchen, where their talented chef Chad Novick has crafted plant-based versions of classic favorites that rival their animal-based counterparts.

I’m personally not a dedicated vegan, but I still enjoy eating at Bambi. That’s the true test of delicious plant based and vegan food. Whether you’re an avid vegan or simply looking to incorporate more plant-based options into your diet, these dishes offer a delicious gateway to a healthier, more sustainable way of eating that you won’t just tolerate – you’ll absolutely look forward to eating.

A Brief History on Bambi Vegan Tacos

Bambi Tacos was originally founded in 2018. They embarked on their foodie journey with a mobile food truck, serving customers on the go. In 2021, they realized their dream further by opening the very first brick-and-mortar establishment. You can find their restaurant on I Street in Midtown.

Date Night Spot or Friends Hangout

Bambi Tacos is a hidden gem that effortlessly transforms into the ideal setting for both intimate date nights and lively gatherings with friends. The small and intimate ambiance is warm and inviting. The aesthetic inside is quirky and eclectic, with unexpected colorful decor and things to see.

Popular Items on the Bambi Menu

The Bambi Taco

The Bambi taco features Cremini mushrooms as its star ingredient, elevated by a savory house-made seasoning blend inspired by chorizo, resulting in an exceptionally delicious flavor combination.

Double Deluxe Taco

The Bambi taco wrapped inside a fresh made flour tortilla, refried beans, house nacho cheese. It’s like a vegan cheesy Gordita crunch! 

Al Pastor Taco

This flavorful taco is made with spicy marinated mushrooms, jalapeno crema, and charred pickled pineapple.

Poke Wonton Tacos

Crafted with cubed beets marinated in a yuzu soy sauce with chili, wakame and black sesame. Topped with a wasabi infused crema and avocado. This babies are packed with flavor, so light and refreshing for a summer day.

Chorizo Queso Bean-Dip

An old favorite served with chips for dipping. House made chorizo and queso served over refried beans.

Buffalo Chik’n Caesar Salad Taco

This faux chicken taco is served with all house made sauces and dressings, garlic butter croutons, tomatoes, romaine and parmesean.

Loaded Fries

Waffle cut fries topped with house made nacho cheese, ranch and vegan bacon bits.

Pumpkin Spiced Bread Pudding Dessert

Bread pudding dessert served warm with roasted pumpkin, rum raisin crème anglaise and caramel roasted oats.

Bambi Cocktail Drinks to Try

Bambi serves a lively drink menu to accompany your delicious food.

Hawaiian Mimosa

Coconut rum, pineapple juice and chandon.

Bambi Breeze

Vodka, pineapple and cranberry.

Passion Party

Rum, passion fruit, lime juice, black cherry syrup and dark rum float.

Mango Martini

Vodka, triple sec, mango and lime juice.

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