U-Pick Strawberries at Granny May’s in Granite Bay – Planning Your Visit Guide

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I grew up in a small country town and my family had a tradition of picking berries in the summer. When we moved to Sacramento and had our kids, it was always my plan to continue the wholesome pastime of going to farms and picking fresh produce.

I first stumbled across Granny May’s farm when I was actively looking online for farms open for u-pick, but they had already sold out tickets for the season. This scenario happened to me multiple times where I kept missing the dates when they had tickets available for purchase. Finally this year of 2024, I watched their social media and website like a hawk to make sure I didn’t miss out on tickets sales again.

We visited the farm in June 2024, the weekend of Father’s Day. I bought the tickets just a couple days before when they opened them up for purchase on their website. Upon arrival, they told us that it was near the end of the season and some of the strawberry patches had been picked over and there were limited fruit available to pick.

We arrived around 9:30am and they already had a handful of families actively picking in the fields. When we started walking through the rows looking for strawberries, I was relived to find that there was still plenty of ripe fruit ready to be picked. We filled up the provided buckets with strawberries in about 30 minutes, and then headed back to the check-in table so they could box-up our strawberries. Our admission tickets covered both the cost of entrance and a bucket filled with strawberries, so there was no additional cost for the fruit.

We then headed over to the shaded benches to get out of the sun. I came prepared with a picnic lunch for everyone, so we enjoyed homemade sandwiches and snacks on the farm. And of course some fresh strawberries! Afterwards we packed up and headed back to Sacramento. The entire amount of time we spent on the farm was about 1.5 hours, which was a good amount of time to take it easy and enjoy the experience.

In this blog guide, I will provide you with all the information and insights you’ll need to plan your own strawberry u-pick day trip to Granny Mays Farm.

Where is Granny May’s Farm Located?

Granny May’s Farm is located in Granite Bay inside Placer County, very close to the Folsom city border. It’s very easily accessible by the main paved roads and no off-roading or dirt roads are required.

Is There Enough Parking at Granny May’s Farm?

Because reservations are required to u-pick at the Granny May’s Farm, the parking lot does not get overcrowded. They do not oversell tickets so that there’s plenty of space for visitors.

Granny May’s Open Season for Strawberry U-Pick

While technically the strawberry season can run from April to August, the peak season goes from May to June. For the most ripe and juicy fruit, you want to try and pick between mid-late May and early June. If you go too early in April, a lot of the fruit will still be green. And if you go too late in August, most of the plants are dried out and the fruit is over-ripe or over-picked.

How to Get U-Pick Admission Tickets

As I mentioned above in my introduction, it took me multiple attempts to get admission tickets to Granny May’s u-pick season. I highly advise that you follow their Instagram and frequently check their website during peak season months. They usually make the tickets available just a few days before the open date. For example, we bought our tickets for Saturday June 15th on Thursday June 13th at 7pm (that’s the exact time the tickets went live on their website).

I have only seen tickets available for sale on weekend days (Saturday and Sunday). I would check the website to see if they open up the farm during weekdays.

How Much Does U-Pick Strawberries Cost?

Our tickets to strawberry picking cost $10 per adult and $7 per child. We did take advantage of a sale going on, because normally adult tickets are $15 each. Children 3-years-old and under are free, but they don’t get their own bucket. Those prices include parking, entrance to the farm, u-picking and a small bucket if picked strawberries. I consider this to be very reasonable, especially when you consider how many other farms charge individually for parking, entrance and by weight of the fruit.

How Does Strawberry U-Pick Work?

When you first arrive at the farm, you’ll head to the u-pick check-in stand. Give them your name and let them know how many tickets you’ve purchased. They’ll verify in the system, and then provide each person a bucket. The staff will show you a map of the fields, and direct you to the areas with the most ripe fruit. And then you head out on your own to explore the grounds and pick fruit.

The posted u-pick rules read as follows:

  • No sampling strawberries on the field
  • No stepping on or over the strawberry rows (walk in between on the paths)
  • Do not pick other produce you might see growing
  • Use only the provided buckets
  • Do not throw fruit
  • No smoking
  • No pets
  • Always be respectful of the farm and other visitors

Is There a Limit to the Amount of Strawberries You Can Pick?

You are only allowed to pick enough strawberries to fill the small bucket they provide you, and not anymore. It’s probably about a pound worth of strawberries per person. They have this policy in place to ensure that there’s enough fruit for many families to enjoy the u-pick experience.

How Do the Strawberries on the Farm Taste? Are They Sweet?

At the Granny May’s farm, they planted about five different varieties of strawberries. We wandered through the fields and we picked a variety of different kinds of strawberries, but I couldn’t tell you the names. They are all very sweet and juicy, and far better than any store bought strawberries you’ll ever find. They tend to be smaller and much more sweet.

Are the Granny May Strawberries Organic?

While they don’t technically have the organic seal, the Granny May farm has committed to growing their produce without pesticides. In their own words: “Our farming methods align closely with organic practices, including our commitment to pesticide-free cultivation.”

Does the Farm Run Out of Strawberries to Pick?

If you try to u-pick at the tail end of the season, there’s a good chance that the fields will be very lean on pickable strawberries. It’s highly recommended that you try to get tickets during the peak season of May and June.

What Clothes and Shoes Are Best for Strawberry Picking?

When you’re out walking around the farm, you’re both exposed to the sun and walking through dusty dirt. I recommend wearing sunscreen and/or sun protective clothing and hats. Along with closed toe shoes to avoid dirt, thorns and sticks getting between your toes.

Is the Weather Really Hot at the Farm?

During our visit we got lucky that the temperatures weren’t too hot and peaked in the low 80’s. The summer weather in the Sacramento area can easily reach over 100 degrees, which means you’re possibly looking at a very hot day outside. Out in the fields there’s no shade at all. Be prepared with sun hats, sunscreen and cold water to stay hydrated.

Are There Other Activities on the Farm?

There’s an animal petting zoo area inside the farm, but it was not open to the public for the season of 2024. It had a sign saying it would re-open in 2025.

On the property there’s also picnic tables under shade tents and a fruit stand with produce for sale.

Are There More Fruits and Vegetables to Pick?

In previous years Granny May’s had blackberries available to u-pick along with strawberries. But during our visit, they only had strawberries. I have not seen any other fruits or vegetables available for u-pick.

Is There Food Available to Purchase?

Besides the obvious strawberries, there’s a fruit stand with additional fruits for sale. There was also a food truck serving hot and ready-to-eat meals for picnics.

Can You Have a Picnic on the Farm?

Yes, they have designated areas for guests to enjoy meals at picnic benches under shade tents. They have food truck meals available for purchase, and I did not see any signs against bringing in outside food. I packed homemade sandwiches and snacks for our family to eat during the visit to the farm.

Are Dogs Allowed on the Farm?

There are numerous signs around the grounds saying “No Pets Allowed.” So unfortunately your dog will not be allowed to join you. It’s also way too hot to leave a dog in the car, so don’t plan on that either.

Things To Do Near Granny May’s Farm

Driving from Sacramento to Granite Bay, we pass through Folsom and go right over the Lake Natoma Recreation Area. The Black Miners Bar beach is one of our favorite kayak and paddle boarding spots.

Downtown Folsom also has a great Old Town area where you can find lots of restaurants and shopping.

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