Whitney Community Park – A Hidden Gem in Rocklin

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Local families like us are always looking for fun and cheap ways to keep the kids entertained. Our goals as parents are to minimized screen time as much as possible and get the kiddos playing outside, especially when the Sacramento weather is cool and comfortable.

We live in East Sacramento, which is just over a 30 minute drive to the Whitney Community Park in Rocklin. Despite the long haul, we still make the drive because of the perks and quality atmosphere of this play area. When our friend who lives in Placer County told us to check it out, she was right on the money with her recommendation. The kids really love this spot, and us as parents feel like it’s safe and family-friendly. The city does an excellent job with the maintenance and upkeep of the grounds.

In this blog post guide, I will go into details about what makes this park special and a stand out choice for parents looking for a wholesome family environment.

Where is the Whitney Community Park Located?

The Whitney Community Park is located inside the Whitney Ranch neighborhood in Rocklin. While there are certain areas of this community that are only open to residents, this particular park is open to the public. The exact address to enter into your GPS is 1801 Whitney Ranch Pkwy, Rocklin, CA 95765.

Is There a Fee or Cost to Enter the Whitney Community Park?

There’s no entrance or parking fee to enter this public park. It is a great cost-effective way for families to entertain the kids outdoors.

What Are the Best Children Age Ranges for Whitney Community Park?

There are multiple play structures in this park, and they are designed for varying age ranges. There’s a toddler-friendly play area for little kids, and then a much bigger play area for elementary school kids.

How Big is Camp Whitney Park?

This is a very large park with the entire area sprawling out to about 40 acres. This includes multiple green grass fields for sports, playgrounds, picnic areas, water play, etc.

Is Parking Difficult at Whitney Community Park?

There’s ample parking allocated for this park, making your visit very convenient. The parking lot has new and smooth pavement, ideal for strollers, scooters, etc.

Does Whitney Community Park get really busy?

Yes! On the weekends and days when the kids are out of school, you will find this park filled with parents and their kids. Particularly on Saturday mornings, there’s a lot of activity and the tables and benches will be full.

Is There Shade from the Sun at Whitney Community Park?

Yes, there are some covered benches and tables, but they are limited in numbers and very popular in the summer. As the saying goes, the early bird gets the worm. On hot summer days, plan to arrive early to secure a shaded spot. You can also bring a shade tent and set up camp on the grassy lawn.

Is There Water Play in the Summer at Whitney Community Park?

Starting at the end of May, the water park splash pad and play area opens up for the kids. The water turns on at 10am. Make sure to pack sunscreen, towels, drinking water and sun hats. The summer weather in the Roseville area can easily get to over 100 degrees in the peak months of June, July, August and September.

Beware of Hot Slides in the Summer

There are many big slides at this park, which is one of the main attractions for older kids. One parent counted over 10 slides in the park! In the summer when the weather is at peak heat, these slides can get so hot that they can burn children’s legs. I suggest bringing along towels to sit on while sliding down.

Are There Bathrooms Available at Whitney Community Park?

Yes, there’s bathrooms available to the public at Whitney Community Park. I have heard that they are clean, so hopefully that remains the case.

Can You Plan a Birthday Party at Whitney Community Park?

Yes, many families have parties and gatherings at this park. The rental cost for the covered pavilions at Whitney Park is $100. It comes with BBQs, shaded seating for up to 30 people, and access to the water play area, fields, bathrooms and playgrounds. You can find the Whitney Community Park rental forms here.

A Herd of Sheep in the Fields

During one of our visits, there was a huge herd of sheep in the fields. I assume they were there to eat down the grass. They had dogs actively herding the sheep which was fun to watch. The kids really enjoyed seeing the animals.

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