Jurassic Quest at CalExpo in Sacramento

Jurassic Quest offers an incredibly lifelike dinosaur experience that brings you as close to these ancient creatures as possible. Featuring a wide range of true-to-life size dinosaurs, from the smallest to the largest, their collection includes over 100 astonishingly realistic animatronics dinosaurs. Even for adults who may be on the fence about dinosaurs, Jurassic Quest is a fun and captivating attraction.

What sets Jurassic Quest apart is not just its lifelike dinosaurs but also the wide variety of engaging interactive events, exciting rides, and do it yourself activities it offers.

Jurassic Quest at CalExpo

Jurassic Quest is a show that travels the country to all kinds of venues. Here in Sacramento they come to CalExpo early in the year around January and stay for a 3-day weekend. If you miss the event, you’ll have to wait a year until they come back!

How Much Does Jurassic Quest Cost?

As of 2024 at CalExpo, the pricing breakdown goes as such:

  • General admission is $26 per person (between the ages 2 – 64 years old)
  • Kids VIP Unlimited Admission is $42 (keep reading to see everything included with this ticket)
  • Senior Admission (65 years and older) is $21
  • Children under 2 years old are free
  • Also, parking at CalExpo costs $10

Be Aware of Discounted Tickets for Jurassic Quest

Official Jurassic Quest tickets are exclusively available through Cal Expo via Etix. They will not honor tickets obtained from third-party sellers. Refunds or exchanges are not available. So don’t try to find a deal somewhere else because unfortunately it won’t help!

Is the Kids Unlimited Admission Worth It?

The simple answer is it depends on your child and what they would like to do. Regular admission tickets includes access to both the dinosaur exhibit and the arts and crafts station. If your child is very small, or just interested in seeing the dinosaurs and not very active in the play areas, then you probably only want to pay regular admission.

The VIP package offers unlimited access to dinosaur rides, fossil digs, dino scooters, bounce houses, bungee pull, and all attractions within Jurassic Park (hence the big price difference). To pay individually for each of these things would cost a lot.

Our family had been going to Jurassic Quest for years and I can tell you from experience that the bounce houses and slides are by far their favorite thing. It’s really hard to get them out because they are having so much fun. They also really love the fossil digs!

What are the kid-friendly activities at Jurassic Quest?

The full list of everything you can expect to see at Jurassic Quest is:

  • Dinosaur exhibit
  • Fossil education exhibit
  • Dinosaur rides (both stationary and walking dinosaurs)
  • A fossil dig
  • Dinosaur-themed inflatable attractions like slides and bounce houses
  • Excavation Station
  • Face painting
  • Arts and crafts table
  • Carnival food for purchase

How Much Time Should You Expect to Spend at Jurassic Quest?

For those only paying regular admission, you can probably see the full exhibit in two hours. If you’ve paid for the VIP package then you probably want to get your money’s worth, so I would recommend a half day.

Be Prepared for the Jurassic Quest Gift Shop!

Inside Jurassic Quest there’s always a large display of toys, candies and souvenirs (very similar to the ones at Disney on Ice at Golden 1 Center). This is where the kids will be asking the parents to buy them something, and this could possibly be when the tantrums begin. So maybe it would help to have a conversation about budgets and expectations before you arrive.

Brings Snacks and Water

In my personal opinion, the food options available for purchase at CalExpo are mediocre and expensive. I recommend having a whole family eat a meal before arrival, and pack some water and snacks to eat during your stay. You may want to splurge on some treats or dessert, but you can save some money if you don’t have to purchase a whole meal for everyone.

CalExpo’s Clear Bag Policy

CalExpo has a Clear Bag Policy to minimize security screening interactions and streamline entry into the Fairgrounds.

You can bring a clear backpack, a clear tote, a clear fanny pack or a non-clear small clutch measuring no more than 5″ x 8″. The largest size bag you can bring inside is 12″ x 12″ x 2″.

Visitors may bring blankets and jackets, provided they are easily accessible for inspection upon entry.

Parental bags are allowed, but they must also be readily available for inspection at the entrance.

In cases of medically necessary items, exceptions will be accommodated following a thorough inspection and screening process.

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